686 Callouts V1.7 Script for GTA 5

686 Callouts V1.7 for Grand Theft Auto V
686 Callouts V1.7 for GTA 5

Designed with stability, replayability, and configurability in mind.

686 Callouts is compatible with Stop The Ped & Callout Interface

Standout Features
14 Callouts.
Offensive Weapon Reported | You are given a precise description of the suspect, and you need to track them down.
Photography of a Police Station | Inspired by the videos online.
Large Vehicle Pursuit | For those who prefer pursuits that don’t exceed 100 MPH.

Stolen Pedal Bike | A stolen bike has been spotted, and you need to apprehend the rider.
Vehicle on Sidewalk | You need to get the sidewalk cleared, but maybe this isn’t just an innocent mistake.
Disorientated Individual | Camera operators have raised concerns over an individual.
Suspected Stalker | First, establish the situation with the victim, then speak to the suspect.
Stolen Item | After conversing with the victim, you’ll be given access to a GPS tracker to track down the suspect.
Fare Dodger | Station staff have contacted you about a fare dodger, you need to question them.
Vehicle Fire | You’ve received a call from an informant, and need to prevent someone innocent coming in harms way.
Kidnapping | A taxi slant at a Kidnapping call. With 4 outcomes, it will keep you on your toes.
Solicitation | Inspired by Assorted Callouts, there are 5 outcomes where you might need to go incognito.
Subway Disturbance | A witness reports come concerning information, keep the subway violence-free!
Car Bomb | Defuse the bomb & hope that it doesn’t attempt an explosive getaway.

An outcome is not a fight or a pursuit. An outcome is a unique scenario, offering a new storyline for you to investigate. 686 Callouts tries to achieve a level of replayability not found elsewhere. The witness isn’t always innocent. The suspect isn’t always guilty.

Career Statistics.
Featuring an in-built statistics system, 686 Callouts will hold you accountable with an accurate reflection of your actions as an officer.
Naturally, configurability for this can be found in your included .ini file.

Pursuit Updates.
Giving more life to Dispatch, during a pursuit you may receive information such as the suspect’s name, previous citations, how many times they’ve been stopped in the past, or nothing at all.

Custom Pursuit.
Within 686 Callouts, you can create your own pursuit callout. With the ability to choose your own vehicles to pursue, you can finally pursue addon vehicles – or a specific group of vehicle you’d like to chase. Let your desires dictate your high speed chases!

Crash Prevention.
686 Callouts includes extensive crash prevention. Inevitably, you may run into a problem. To provide the stability needed for a smooth patrol, there are several systems in place to ensure 686 Callouts runs without causing any issues.

What to expect in the future
686 Callouts is a project developed in my free time, at no cost to you.
All content updates will be released when my free time and motivation overlap.
However, if any critical bugs are found, an update is typically released within 24 hours with a fix.

FAQ / more details
How Do I Install 686 Callouts?
Drag & drop the ‘Plugins’ folder included in the download into your GTAV directory.
Someone told me to remove 686 Callouts, should I?
No. Do not fall victim to poor advice. Get in touch with me directly.
What Configurability Is Offered?
Enable & disable callouts, control when they end, manage the statistics system & more.
Can I Translate Your Plugin?
No, I am not looking for translators. Thank you for your interest.

Author: Charlie686

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686-Callouts-v1.7.0.0.zip (364 KB)
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