Aircraft Carrier with Launch & Brake System [Menyoo] Map for GTA 5

GTA 5 Aircraft Carrier with Launch & Brake System Menyoo mod
Aircraft Carrier with Launch & Brake System [Menyoo] for GTA 5

New Aircraft Carrier With Working Launch System and Break System

download and install
1)script hook v
2)script hook v .net
3)menyoo trainer

1)Extract Aircraft Carrier.rar file.

2)Then open gta v main directory.
3)Then open menyoo stuff folder.
4)And then open spooner folder.
5)And drag and drop AIRCRAFT CARRIER file in spooner folder.
6)Then open your game and open menyoo trainer by pressing f8 key.
7)Go to teleport/ landmarks / and press aircraft carrier
8)After Loading Aircraft Carrier Go and open/object spooner in Menyoo Trainer And go to /manage saved files/AIRCRAFT CARRIER/load placement.
8) [ DONE ]

Important Note
do not forget to load aircraft carrier first

Authors: ultimate maps

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