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Toyota Copaster 2022

Toyota Copaster 2022 for American Truck Simulator

Toyota coaster 2022. Fourth generation. Keep the mod credits and original download link Prohibited to use this mod for commercial purposes that is prohibited to sell it. Available in ATS and ETS2. Toyota Coaster 2022. Cuarta generación. Mantenga los créditos del mod y el enlace de descarga original Prohibido usar este mod con fines comerciales…


Toyota Coaster

Toyota Coaster for American Truck Simulator

English: Japanese Toyota Coaster microbus mod. It is forbidden to edit this mod for commercial purposes and remember to keep the credits and original download link. It is version 1.0 of this mod however it is a complete mod (full) it is called version 1.0 because more accessories and styles will be added in future…


Toyota Land Cruiser 200 12 [1.43]

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 12 [1.43] for American Truck Simulator

Specifications:- ✔ Custom UI with functional odo & gear display ✔ Functional speedometer along with fuel, oil temperature etc ✔ Openable Front Windows ✔ Wipers work accurately ✔ Indicator & Wiper stalk animation ✔ Stock and Facelift centre console (interior) ✔ Interior Cabin Accessories ✔ Stock and Facelift Sideskirts ✔ Stock, Facelift and VXR front…


Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 for American Truck Simulator

CHANGELOG: ✔ Minor edits and fixes ✔ Fixed headlights ✔ Fixed mirrors ✔ Edited some materials ✔ New physics ✔ New sound ✔ Added automatic transmission (partially-non-realistic) ✔ select manual transmission for added realism ✔ Reconfigured engine (improved realism) ✔ Reconfigured transmission (improved realism) ✔ Reconfigured chassis (improved realism) ✔ Reconfigured tachometer animation *Free to…


Toyota Yaris S XP90 V2 [1.41]

Toyota Yaris S XP90 V2 [1.41] for American Truck Simulator

CHANGELOG: ✔ Fixed headlights ✔ Fixed mirrors ✔ New physics ✔ Major edits and fixes ✔ Reconfigured engines (realistic configuration) ✔ Reconfigured transmission (realistic configuration) ✔ Reconfigured chassis (realistic configuration) ✔ Reconfigured tachometer animation & indicator delay *The car has a manual transmission, please switch to manual mode for a better driving experience* *If the…


Toyota Fortuner + Interior [1.40.X]

Toyota Fortuner + Interior [1.40.X] for American Truck Simulator

Toyota Fortuner – is a mid-size SUV developed in Thailand by a local Toyota subsidiary in 2004 on the Toyota Hilux platform, the car was originally produced for the domestic market. The mod is dedicated to the 3rd generation Toyota Fortuner, the author has recreated the right-hand drive interior with animation, by means of the…