Snagtooth River V1.0.1 Map for SnowRunner

Snagtooth River V1.0.1 for SnowRunner
Snagtooth River V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

Snagtooth River is a custom region set in the Pacific Cascades of the northwestern United Stages. It includes four maps totaling over 6 km²:

Big Horse Ridge
Snagtooth Delta
Mount Elsa
Iverson Hills

Snagtooth River is built from the ground up to support co-op or single-player play, hard mode or easy mode. There are no contests.

There is a mix of logging, cargo, towing, and repair objectives. Many objectives are straightforward, a few require some cleverness, and a few will strongly test your truck skills. I’ve tried to avoid too many spoilers in the promo shots and video, but expect to fix a lot of bridges. You will also expand services around Big Horse Ridge and the Iverson Hills.

In single-player mode, it takes about 30-40 hours to visit all watchpoints, gather all upgrades, and complete all objectives. Although the upgrade rewards should meet most of your needs (other than tires), you will gain enough experience and money throughout play to buy additional “quality-of-life” upgrades or even a truck or two.

Snagtooth River is currently localized to English only. If anyone would like to translate my localization file to another language (~5600 words), drop me a line.

A workaround is included to make watchpoints work with the season 6 patch. However, beware of these other annoying but non-fatal Saber bugs:

A game will always load in the Big Horse Ridge. If your last save was on a different map, you will load into the garage. You can then open the global map to move to a truck on any unlocked map.
The game may forget which maps you’ve unlocked. Keep a truck or two in Big Horse Ridge in case you need to re-unlock another map.
The game may forget which watchpoints you’ve unlocked. It remembers the revealed areas of the map, so the main consequence is that it becomes difficult to get 100% completion.
The game may forget which upgrade zones you’ve visited. It remembers the unlocked parts, so the main consequence again is that it becomes difficult to get 100% completion.
The game incorrectly thinks that Iverson Hills starts unlocked, but you will find that there is no way to reach it until you’ve progressed sufficiently through the objectives.
If you recover a truck to the garage, the game may offer to recover to the Iverson Hills even if that garage hasn’t been built yet. I don’t know what happens if you do that.

Custom sounds for the american robin and canada geese are courtesy of the National Park Service.

Author: Fredrum

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