Download The 1ST GEN K5-Series Collection V SnowRunner Car Mod

SnowRunner The 1ST GEN K5-Series Collection V mod
The 1ST GEN K5-Series Collection V for SnowRunner

If you’ve used my 1967-72 K-Series Pickup Truck mod then this SUV variant will feel very familiar as it’s the same body style and It also allows you to configure the SUV’s main visuals for all 4 years of production.

IRL the Pickup and K5 share many of the same components, so I followed GM’s lead and used my pickup as the foundation for this mod. As you’ll see, this is not a hacked-together mod. In fact, this K5 has even more detail and looks even more realistic than the K-Series pickup I released just a few months ago.

This is my second mod to offer a Vanilla-ish tuning option. I didn’t receive any feedback on this feature with my latest Super Duty mod, so I’m not sure if people are using this feature, or if I’m wasting my time. It takes many hours to configure/test all the Vanilla-ish tuning options, so this might be the last mod that incorporates this feature.

Tuning-wise, all of my tunes have been reworked. All of the performance engine & trans tunes are matched for better performance and control. I tried to reduce that out-of-control feeling SnowRunner is known for with a bit of speed. Some of the tunes have been speed-limited so you can actually drive at full throttle instead of slipping and sliding around like you’re on ice.

You will see 12 Trucks in the garage. Your choice will come down to 3 main options.

Naturally Aspirated V8 (less aggressive sound)
Twin-Turbo V8 (more aggressive sound)

Paint Style:
2-Tone Lower
Classic Side Stripe

Gameplay Style:
The standard version follows my typical tuning and setups.

The Vanillaish version mimics a vanilla gameplay experience. It has default levels of damage, tire grip, rollover angle, fuel, winches, and a manual diff lock. There are also a variety of Vanilla Engine and Gearbox tunes. These are all default SR tunes. To reduce the overall number of trucks in the garage I limited the Vanillaish versions. Each engine choice will have a predetermined paint style that goes with it. (If not, you would’ve had 18 trucks in the garage)

As mentioned, this mod isn’t a quick flip mod with a roof thrown on the back. Then the entire truck was reworked, remodeled, retextured, and a whole new set of addons were made.

This mod has dual textures, so when you pick the patina paint jobs just about every part of the truck including the interior takes on a weathered patina look.

The chassis was shortened 11 inches like IRL. Then, to freshen things up I swapped in a set of Dynatrac axels and built a new set of Fox Factory Race 3.0 Coilovers and 3.5 Bypass Shocks front to back.

The PC version of this mod includes all the Branding. PC players still need to download the Addon pack if they want it.

The Console’s aftermarket parts have my Redline branding and the PC has the real brand gfx.

This mod has Optional Wheels and Tires that are part of the main addon pack.

The default truck includes a few wheel and tire options.

Then the addon pack includes additional wheels and tires to personalize your rig. Big thanks to MrBusses for sharing how to make addon wheels function.

While addon pack wheels and tires work to some degree they aren’t perfect in the way I’m using them. (They are overly complicated for the end user, an absolute PIA to configure, and have some drawbacks due to the way the game is coded.)

This is NOT a Addon Wheel Pack like some of the modders are making. It’s NOT a dependency and the mod works well without the addon pack installed.

This Addon Pack includes Truck Parts, Gear, Wheels, Tires, and more… The sole purpose of my addon packs are to offload these options for past gen-consoles and those with memory limitations.

  • The Addon Pack Wheels & Tires will work in any combination including with the default truck wheels/tires.
  • The Default truck Tires will only work with the Default Wheels. This is one of the drawbacks to addon wheels/tires at the moment.

The trailer hitch setup is also new.

  • The trailer hitch is animated and can be installed on the fly with the click of a button from the function’s menu. You no longer need to get hung up by the drop hitch when it’s not in use.
  • The hitches are a combination ball and pintle hitch. The pintle lock can be manually activated from the function menu.

Some of the cool features you’ll see in the garage:
3 Paint Styles (Solid, 2-Tone Lower, Classic Side Stripe)
Multiple Tailgates, Grills, Molding Options…
White OR Black removable roof with animated open/close lid
Animated open/close Power Door Windows
Animated open/close Hood
Animated open/close Tailgate
Many animated parts that shake with the truck
3 Engines (with unique sounds)
Animated combination Ball and Pintle Trailer Hitch’s (Shorty & Drop Hitch)
Safari Snorkel
Dash Mounted Radar
Tons of Custom Paint Options
All new Patina Paint Jobs (more realistic)
All new Tire textures (more realistic)
Switch version has default SR sounds (custom sounds do not work on Switch)
And more…

As mentioned, the Addon Pack includes a variety of ways to personalize your K5.

The 1st Gen K5-Series Maxx Addon Pack Includes:
7 Tires
9 Wheels
White Painted Stock Bumpers and GMC Grill
Woodgrain Side and Tailgate Trim
Multiple Custom Bumper Options
OE Style Rear Swingout Tailgate Tire Carrier (Animated to Swing Out)
Crawler Front and Rear Bumpers with optional Tire Carrier (Animated to Fold Down)
Roof Rack
New Overland Cases and off-road Accessories (Can be used with the Roof Rack OR in the Cargo Area)
5 Options of Roll Cages/Roll Bars
Rock Sliders
3 Aftermarket Steering Wheels
And more…

Author: JohnJohnHotRod

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