ECO Start-Stop System V2.0 Script for GTA 5

ECO Start-Stop System V2.0 for Grand Theft Auto V
ECO Start-Stop System V2.0 for GTA 5

The system efficiently manages the internal combustion engine by automatically turning it off and on, minimizing idle time. As a result, it not only conserves fuel but also decreases emissions. This feature is especially beneficial for vehicles that frequently encounter situations where they have to wait at traffic lights or come to a halt in traffic congestion.

Known Bugs And Issues:

  • unfortunately because of a unknown reason, when you start the game you have to get in a vehicle and reload the script. just once!

after that you can just play the game and enjoy the mod!!

( fast way to reload the scripts while in game = inside the ScriptHookVDotNet.ini, you can set the ReloadKey to a button, example ReloadKey=Insert
or when ingame Click F4 Type: Reload() and hit enter.

You have to do this just once when you just started the game, i do not know why this happens and it sucks. but at least now everything works.

Grand Theft Auto V - Eco_Modus

Author: richardjv404

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