Forza Horizon 5 Roads for GTA 5 V0.1 Map for GTA 5

GTA 5 Forza Horizon 5 Roads for GTA 5 V0.1 mod
Forza Horizon 5 Roads for GTA 5 V0.1 for GTA 5

Hi There. This is just a concept of what gta 5 would
look like if it had forza horizon 5 roads.

The textures were imported directly from forza horizon 5
all textures have quality of 1024 which is 1k and no it
doesnt have lods i just replaced the main textures
and for coverage i covered pretty much the whole map
still just some small parts of the highways and country
side that is not covered.
this is not 100 percent the same roads as in forza

i think they use many layers to show skid marks
and other stuf on the road to make it more realistic
and i dont have the knowledge to make that happen
but still if you want to have the feeling of playing
forza horizon 5 in gta 5 these roads are the best choice
for you.

Note: You have to put anisotropic filtering to 16x
in both ingame and in your nvdia or amd control

Install OIV package with OpenIV

I Installed Forza Horizon 5 Graphics, And Here is the Result, Better Than GTA 6?

Author: SLmodding

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