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Trailer Wheels Megapack V1.2

Trailer Wheels Megapack V1.2 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Version 1.2 Changelog: -1.0 initial “beta” release with 49 different wheels -1.1 public release. Added 15 more wheels to a total of 64 different wheels. Changed the vertex paint to 0.4 on all objects that had 0.5 before to reduce “lighting”, that was particulary notable in dusk and dawn. -1.2 Adapted for 1.44


Super Single Tires And Wide Wheels [1.44]

Super Single Tires And Wide Wheels [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Super Single tires are available as drive and trailer tires; however this mod is currently only for TRUCKS. Super Singles are allegedly available in Western Europe (thus this mod). Super Singles have pros and cons. Some truckers love them; others avoid them. Compared to dual drive tires, Super Singles get better gas mileage, provide better…


Abasstreppas Wheel Pack V3.2

Abasstreppas Wheel Pack V3.2 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This wheel pack includes 16 steel rims (8 stock and 8 custom colors) and 3 Alcoa rims, 36 hubs (18 stock and 18 custom colors), several different covers and nuts. The Maxion steel rims has quite many tris and could affect game performance on weaker computers. v3.2 -Updated Pmg files -Updated textures -Updated manifest version


Alcoa Wheels

Alcoa Wheels for Euro Truck Simulator 2

12 discs for trucks and trailers 5 Nut for trucks and trailers 3 Rear cover for trucks and trailers 12 Front hub for trucks 8 Rear Hub for trucks 11 Rear Hub for trailers 4 Front cover for trucks


Steering Wheel Sparco V1.1

Steering Wheel Sparco V1.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changes Steering wheel textures fixed Adds Sparco steering wheels for default trucks Features Of The Mod: 2 steering wheels (one small the other larger) For the default truck UPD: Don’t be too harsh, I’m still learning to do something useful


Jasper’s Wheels Pack V2.0 [1.43]

Jasper’s Wheels Pack V2.0 [1.43] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

New Wheels Pack v2.0✔ Added Iveco hub ✔ Added Maxion 11.75✔ Added Ford F-Max cover✔ Added Alcoa classic✔ Added Basic 120 black/white and paint line✔ Added nuts indicators✔ Fixed Maxion 11.75 black and paint line✔ Improved standard and polished textures✔ Improved painted textures Features:This realistic wheels pack was made from zero with a lot of…