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Realistic Fuel Prices – MAY 2022

Realistic Fuel Prices – MAY 2022 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Realistic Fuel Prices (Updated by 26th May 2022) Austria – 1.95€ / L Belgium – 1.94€ / L Bulgaria – 1.57€ / L Czech – 1.86€ / L Denmark – 2.32€ / L Estonia – 1.99€ / L Finland – 2.36€ / L France – 1.93€ / L Germany – 2.09€ / L Hungary –…


American Improved Trains V3.9 [1.44]

American Improved Trains V3.9 [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This Mod adds in ETS2 a More realistic American Trains based by PIVA train mod. In combination With improved Sounds by Cipinho, TruckerKid and Drive Safely. + my Exclusive content. This mod does not replace European Trains, only adds new from America. Add classic diesel and steam engines, railcars, and cabooses for sightseeing trains For…


Everything Unlocked [1.44]

Everything Unlocked [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Everything Unlocked – this Mod unlocks all accessory parts at level 0. So you don’t need to Level up, to get some grills or lamps on your truck. Everything unlocked, this is a small but useful modification that does not add something, but eliminates restrictions on the level of the driver. Limitations ETS 2 simulator…


Scania OLD Dashboard Computer V1.1 [1.44]

Scania OLD Dashboard Computer V1.1 [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This is a mod replacing the dashboard of RJL Scania G, R & Streamline old panel interior. Includes: -Transmission mode -Gear info -Clock -Odometer -Ambient temperature -Dashboard display menu -Trip distance -Trip average speed -Trip average consumption -Engine running time -Brake air pressure -Instant fuel consumption -Battery voltage -Low air pressure warning screen -Damage…


Infinite Money And XP [1.44]

Infinite Money And XP [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Mod updated to version 1.44. Log in with high priority. The mod adds infinite money and XP already from the first level, after the delivery of the trip. I recommend removing the mod after reaching the desired amount.


Physics Tweak [1.44]

Physics Tweak [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changes: Update For Patch 1.44.x 2 options – provides an imitation of tire grip with a dry or slippery surface (reduced compared to the default SCS; tire selection and maintenance are more important) Changes The Shape Of The Braking Force Characteristic (I Find It Most Useful When “air Brake Simulation” Is Enabled Because It Is…



Grass_2.60 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Updates grass_2.60, 1.44 shorter grass to improve performance, more dry grass variety, new terrain textures. new plants: 🙂 have a good time