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Krone Europack v1.6 1.45

Krone Europack v1.6 1.45 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Version 1.6 Added 20 new skins for Krone DLC trailers with accessories paints.For more informations on the updates, look the change note.If you have any companies ideas, please let me know. TOTAL SKINS : 144 NEWS SKINSDry Liner :ACME [UK]Alloin [F]Benntrans [MA]Citra [F]Delhaize (B)Deret [F]DHL [D]Di Egidio [F]DPD [F]Du Trans (D]Express Trailers [M]Geodis [F]GLS [NL]Hermes…

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Szap 9340 Bort Tent [1.45]

Szap 9340 Bort Tent [1.45] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Flatbed trailer SZAP-9340 on the property Autonomous: Painted Chassis with frame adjusted to KAMAZ or double wheels There is a separate slot immediately for purchase Own trailer name Cargoes under the trailer Onboard SZAP-9340 Own wheels and wheels (there is a choice) 7 mudguards + standard Small tuning Cable support CHANGES Converted the entire 3D…

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Odaz 9786 OLD Odaz [1.45]

Odaz 9786 OLD Odaz [1.45] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

OdAZ-9786 – a two-axle refrigerated semi-trailer of the late USSR, the semi-trailer was mass-produced by the Odessa Automobile Assembly Plant in the 80s. The semi-trailer OdAZ-9786 will be an excellent addition, especially when used in conjunction with tractors of the Soviet period. OdAZ-9786 has a high-quality 3D model and SovTransAvto skin, the semi-trailer is available…

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VAK Trailers by Kast v2.7.5 1.45

VAK Trailers by Kast v2.7.5 1.45 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

You can find in this pack, Semitrailers 4m/4.4m height, two types of trailer with length 19.6m 4/5 axle. V-Sliders with curtains and side unfolding doors, Double trailersThis mod will restrict double and long trailers to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland as vanilla game. If you wish to use trailers everywhere, you need additional addon activated! Pack…

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Ownable Estepe Truck Transporter [1.45]

Ownable Estepe Truck Transporter [1.45] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Standalone Ownable 10 cargo Advanced coupling Cables simulation Tuning Works on any maps Tested on version 1.45.x Changes: adapted for patch 1.45 fixed all errors added missed definition for working in Trailer browser fixed missing textures fixed tobj files fixed collision added missing UI icons added optional support for Convoys removed unnecessary files no errors…

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Overweight Trailers And Cargo Pack By Jazzycat V11.0

Overweight Trailers And Cargo Pack By Jazzycat V11.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Pack adds in game 53 new models of overweight and flatbed trailers (different trailers by Fliegl, Wielton, Kassbohrer, Krone, Goldhofer, Nooteboom, HRD, Estepe, Langendorf, Galtrailer, Chmzap, Maz, Nefaz and others), 341 new cargo, 110 traffic trailers. New cargo added to companies for all popular maps. All standalone. Works on any maps. For version 1.45.x Compatible…

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