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Ural 4320 V2 [1.44]

Ural 4320 V2 [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changes: ✔ adapted to the new version. ✔ Fixed the 2nd chassis being kicked out after purchasing it. ✔ Fixed invisible objects. ✔ Fixed the problem of not attaching to the trailer. ✔ suspension settings fixed. tested 1.44


Ural 43202 Truck + Interior V1.1 [1.43]

Ural 43202 Truck + Interior V1.1 [1.43] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

URAL 43202 – this modification adds a high quality Standalone russian truck model with own interior, wheels and sound for ETS2 players. The first copy of the truck was born in 1977 thanks to the engineers of the Ural Automobile Plant, located in the city of Mias. Production continued until 1988, during which time a…


Ural 4320 [1.43]

Ural 4320 [1.43] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

✔ autonomous; ✔ 1 cabin; ✔ 3 chassis; ✔ 1 engine and checkpoint; ✔ a little tuning; ✔ Everything is animated; ✔ There is a template for skins (there is in the archive). Sounds to put above the main mod.


Ural Next 2015 [1.40 – 1.41]

Ural Next 2015 [1.40 – 1.41] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog Update for version 1.40, Removed shadow defect on concrete mixer, Power windows will work in all three interiors, and removed the defect in the interior with the name GAZ NEXT there, the wipers did not clean the windshield now clean.


Ural 4320-30 [1.40]

Ural 4320-30 [1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Update For 1.40: ✔ added indicators: head light, differential lock, emergency alarm ✔ added animation of the high beam switch button ✔ fixed blue beacons ✔ 3 cabs (changing headlights) ✔ 5 chassis (including BDF and 2 cranes) ✔ 10 engines ✔ 12 transmissions ✔ Your own sound ✔ Your own interior (3 options) ✔…


Ural Next With Cargo BDF Pack V1.7

Ural Next With Cargo BDF Pack V1.7 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Current Update Have: ✔ Fixed mirror, windows and dash reflections for 1.40 patch ✔ Available dummy cargoes for Cargo chassis ✔ Updated sound for 1.40 ✔ Openable windows (FuNYash) ✔ Outside wipers animation (FuNYash) ✔ Engine Key animation (FuNYash) NOTE: Before enabling this updated mod sell old Ural Next and disable it from a mod…


Ural-6464 V11.04.21 [1.40]

Ural-6464 V11.04.21 [1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changes Update for 1.40 ✔ Standalone model, ✔ buying in the salon “Ural”, ✔ Specified starting (gallery) and in the company (orders of agencies in Europe and in England), ✔ one cabin, ✔ Three chassis, ✔ five engines (YAMZ and PACCAR), ✔ your interior, ✔ their wheels (extra mod included), ✔ your sound (3 options),…


Ural 6464 + Interior V1.4 [1.40.X]

Ural 6464 + Interior V1.4 [1.40.X] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Ural 6464 – One of the most famous Russian producers. It’s quite a modern conventional truck, able to compete with the best representatives of the automotive industry in other countries. This mod has a high quality model and the possibility of tuning. The URAL 6464 truck tractor boasts not only good driving characteristics, but also…


Ural Next 2015 [1.40]

Ural Next 2015 [1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Added new wheels Added animated blinds Added window lifter animations on both sides Changed windscreen wipers Speedometer illumination changed Added 2 engines with their own sounds Animation of the ignition key Animation of the headlight light switch Changed the steering wheel braid