ETS2 Germany Mods

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Germany Cities Detail Improved

Germany Cities Detail Improved for Euro Truck Simulator 2

UPDATE v1.0 Fixed, replaced, removed inappropriate billboards; Added little things I forgot to add; One old building has been replaced for the beginning. This is a small update To function this modification, you need all the DLC maps that appeared before 2022. In addition, I will be grateful to all those who write to me…


Inner German Border V2.0

Inner German Border V2.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

The mod is a reworking of the border areas of Germany, as if the GDR still existed, with elements of that era Added a border post on the A2 highway Berlin and Dresden rebuilt with additional details Added gas stations and parking in cities and on highways A2 completely rebuilt to Berlin A13 rebuilt to…


France Switzerland Germany Map V1.3.1

France Switzerland Germany Map V1.3.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

France Switzerland Germany Map 1:1 You MUST Have These DLCs To Play On The Map: ✔ DLC Scandinavia ✔ DLC France ✔ DLC Italia ✔ DLC Baltics ✔ DLC Black Sea List Of Compatible Mods, With The Map: Naturalux (graphic mod) Sound fix pack (sound pack) All traffic packs (Jazzycat..) Mods that increase traffic density….