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Dacia Logan MCV 2012 [1.42]

Dacia Logan MCV 2012 [1.42] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Updated to 1.42 Real Sound Engine 1.5dCi3 engines 1.5 dCiFront Grill RenaultBMW 5-Series Seats.Renault Steering Wheel.Custom license plate from Romania.Vossen Wheels.Media Nav LG Dacia Navigation.5 Speeds gearbox.Sport pedals. The car is not stable on roads, please open the console and type “g_suspension_stiffness (number) and ”g_truck_stability (number)” and enter!Attention!!! If you get crashed I recommend disabling…

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Dacia Logan MCV 2012 [1.40]

Dacia Logan MCV 2012 [1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Dacia Logan MCV 2012 – ETS2 (1.40) Real Sound Engine 1.5dCi Engine 1.5dCi 90HP, Engine code:K9K892 (Euro 5 DPF). BMW 5-Series Seats. Renault Clio 2017 Steering Wheel. Custom license plate from Romania. Vossen Wheels. Media Nav LG Dacia Navigation. 5 Speeds gearbox. Sport pedals.

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Dacia Logan Trailer

Dacia Logan Trailer for Euro Truck Simulator 2

You can have in game transporter trailer for Dacia Logan car’s! Also, available in traffic! All loaded car’s color are selected random in game, so, it’s unlyekly that two scheme color for tranported cars will be repeated! In freight market, you will see empty transporter, car’s will be loaded in trailer when you are at…

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