Nismo R33 GT-R LM

Nismo R33 GT-R LM for Assetto Corsa

Well, where to start on this beauty? What started off with one man and a dream to drive a classic that he has not driven since Gran Turismo 2 has turned into a following and a group effort to provide an outstanding piece of work that he is truly happy to be part of. The…

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Suzuka for Assetto Corsa

Laser-scanned Suzuka converted from ACC by the Reboot Team. Track fully features complete and RainFX ready. This Is Amazing!!!!

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Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ for Assetto Corsa

The original TZ was developed together with Autodelta. It featured a 1,570 cc twin cam engine and other mechanical components shared with the Alfa Romeo Giulia and carried a 105 series chassis number, but was a purpose-built sports racing car, with a tubular spaceframe chassis, light all-aluminum bodywork, disc brakes, and independent suspension. The result…

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Gran Turismo – Trial Mountain

Gran Turismo – Trial Mountain for Assetto Corsa

Gran Turismo – Trial Mountain Below is from the author: xXxKOKExXx ——————— 27th July 20, alpha 0.3 WIP state ———— since some guys asked me to drive this early-state version, I will open here this resource to keep updating this fantastic track. Now it is in the alpha 0.3 stage. I added walls and in…

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1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

1988 Pontiac Fiero GT for Assetto Corsa

1988 Ponatic Fiero GT (4 Pack) Reworked on Fiero Again, which Now handles better, And Added 3 swapped cars. Factory GT V6 Fiero, LS3, LS3 Turbo, And Electric Swapped. CSP latest version is recommended (Refracting Lights and Doors Animations. AND Exterior Transmission sound *For Electric.) Sounds: Factory: Myself (Forza) Electric: Myself (Forza) LS3: Myself (Forza)…

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Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Compañía Panameña de Aviación, S.A., (NYSE: CPA) (commonly referred to as Copa and branded simply as “Copa Airlines”) is the flag carrier of Panama. It is headquartered in Panama City, Panama, with its main hub at Tocumen International Airport. Copa is a subsidiary of Copa Holdings, S.A. as well as a member of Star Alliance….

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