Download Enhanced Chevy C70 Kodiak “K70 Supertruck” M181 V1.1.3 SnowRunner Mod

Enhanced Chevy C70 Kodiak “K70 Supertruck” M181 V1.1.3 for SnowRunner
Enhanced Chevy C70 Kodiak “K70 Supertruck” M181 V1.1.3 for SnowRunner

This mod started out as nothing more than a challenge to myself. I wanted to take the plain C70 and throw everything at it. Make it into a cool, useful, neat piece of kit. And after tons of trial-and-error, I believe I have landed at something unique. Now it’s not without its faults*, but back to those in a second.

Changed Over The Stock C70 Include:
Navistar engines
Tweaked vehicle weight and dynamics
Added CrawlerBox HD gearbox
Custom suspensions in Soft & HD
Added wheel options*
Winches swapped to Heavy suite with Autonomous Winch HD
New snorkel options
Standard AWD*
Many new frame add-ons
Lots of new customization options

Now the known issues as marked by *. The C70 has a really narrow rear axle so some of the rear tires aren’t attached to the hubs. I could have adjusted that, but I think it looks silly with a really narrow rear track. Next, the truck has standard AWD, but it spawns in with the 2WD visuals. I have made the 4WD axle $1 in the store so its an easy self-fix.

This truck is weird, wild, and just a touch broken. But like a Leatherman it likely will have have you need to get the job done.

I recommend getting FOXCRF450RIDER’s Off Road Trailers mod to compliment the increased ride height. Stock has been increased a little bit, and lifted a lot. (An M181 trademark at this point. The rear “emergency” recovery saddle has been optimized for use with the Off Road M747.)

I’m still pretty new to XML tweak modding, so drop a thumb and a review, and let me know what you think. Thanks to LoB1325 for helping me along the way.

Version History:
30 Jul 2020 1.0.1
Added Azov blue 2-slot bed for use with MiniCrane
Fixed add-ons that should not have been stacking
Moved some add-ons to stop physical collisions
General code clean up

30 Jul 2020 1.0.0
Release version
Lowered tire unlock levels a bit

29 Jul 2020 0.9.0
Pre-release test version

Authors: maxmike181 & bnsft666

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Download mod (34 KB)
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  1. NakedSpaceHero

    I am unable to see this truck in the store after placing the .pak in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SnowRunner\preload\paks\client

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