ETS2 1.47 Mods

Welcome to the page dedicated to downloading free Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.47 mods! You’ll be delighted to know that the 1.47 update is now available for download. This update includes exciting new features: you can now own and customize your very own gas cisterns and livestock trailers, experience the benefits of Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Braking System, encounter random road bumps and enjoy the Custom City Intros in the Road to the Black Sea DLC. Download these amazing ETS 2 1.47 mods for free and start exploring the new features today!

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DAF 95XF Custom [1.47]

DAF 95XF Custom [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Features– Standalone– 3 Cabin– 6 Chassis– High quality exterior and interior– Has own sounds from famous Engine Voice Records (EVR)– Big array of customization (Collectively around 430 parts) for all parts of the truck. cabins and chassis of the truck.– Made with high attention to detail   The Mod Supports the following-Cabin DLC-XF Tuning DLC-Flags…

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Krampe SKS30 Trailer v1.1 [1.47]

Krampe SKS30 Trailer v1.1 [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Mod Info:-Factory and painted cover option-bpw bergische achsen hub-Rearbumper with hamburger rearlights -Option to place worklights on rearbumper-Bullboy b48 worklights-Nordic lights kl1401 worklights-Nordic lights go410 worklights-Option to choose rear bumper side markers -Option to place own rear lights-Option to place ladder between fenders-Adaption wheel chocks move to tires if trailer is detached -Adaption wheel chocks go back to…

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Real Advertisements v2.1 [1.47]

Real Advertisements v2.1 [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Update: 27 Mar*Ads in Portugal have been replaced with real ones. (18 ads)   The mod that changed the advertisements on the billboards in the streets of France, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain and Portugal. To be realistic; advertising slogans were arranged according to the language of the country where…

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Longer Trains [1.47]

Longer Trains [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

cargo trains in Europe differ in maximum length depending on the infrastructure and equipment used. Finland manages trains for about 60 cars, while France manages trains for about 20 wagons. Other countries act somewhere in the middle. The number of cargo train cars SCS is 6-10. The number of cargo cargoes in this mode is…

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Kögel Trailers [1.47]

Kögel Trailers [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog Update for 1.47 The Kögel Cargo: the reliable partner for logistics companies who value a sturdy, durable trailer – but who also don’t want too much on the scales in terms of its weight. The cargo is available in a wide variety of frame and body variants and could therefore be the tailor-made answer…

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Remtec Tanker V1.2 [1.47] + Skins Pack

Remtec Tanker V1.2 [1.47] + Skins Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Tanker REMTEC v1.2 for ETS2 (Updated: 03/25/2023)) Full Envelope 3D Model from ATS to ETS2. Full mod optimization for ETS2 (no errors). The total volume of the tanker during loading is 47 tons. Sold as a property in trailer modifications – REMTEC. Completely autonomous. Animation of supports, cables and advanced coupling works. Simple tuning. Has…

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