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Project Katashime V1.4 [1.43-1.46]

Project Katashime V1.4 [1.43-1.46] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

On another day, another time I would like to present to you the map, called project katashime. It also has an integration of four cities. In the future, the cities will be expanded as much as possible. The big update is coming. You need this map dlcs in order to play this map. Include: 1]…

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Economy SR Russia R25

Economy SR Russia R25 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Russian economy Test: 1.45.3s Parameter g_income_factor You can prescribe as you like Restored cut weights Changed prices for oversized cargo Empty carts for 100,500 money can no longer be driven Fuel prices Penalties reduced Hired drivers restored There may be flaws, sculpted a mod for myself.

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