Alfa Romeo 4C 2013 []

Alfa Romeo 4C 2013 [] for City Car Driving

Alfa Romeo 4C 2013 [] for CCD by  BZ, JZ 26 Motors, TJ . Mod has a rating of 2.0 stars.
We host 1 file (2013_Alfa_Romeo_4C_1.5.9.2.rar) for this mod. The total downloadable file is 86 MB in size. We confirm that the file is safe to download.
Alfa Romeo 4C 2013 mod for City Car Driving. ✔ 2K baked and light map HQ body and exterior ✔ Detailed HQ interior with 2K lighting ✔ Realistic physics including CSV files that contain specification values ​​of real torque curves for acceleration, top speed and deceleration. ✔ Custom sound ✔ Illuminated license plate ✔ Interior...
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