NEW Radio Stations V4.2 []

NEW Radio Stations V4.2 [] for City Car Driving

NEW Radio Stations V4.2 [] for CCD by  Statte, Normalanton679 
We host 1 file (Pack_Radio_v4.0_ccd_v1.5.7- for this mod. The total downloadable file is 160 KB in size. We confirm that the file is safe to download.
21 New radio stations for City Car Driving. Now you and your passengers will have more fun on the road! Installation instructions below. List of radio stations: Radio Record Radio “Dacha”; Radio “Vanya”; Radio “Energy”; Vesti FM; Radio Chanson; Autoradio; Road Radio; Retro FM; New Radio; Russian Radio; love; Monte Carlo; Record Megamix; Like FM; Europa...

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