NEW Radio Stations V4.2 [] Sound for CCD

NEW Radio Stations V4.2 [] for City Car Driving
NEW Radio Stations V4.2 [] for CCD


21 New radio stations for City Car Driving.

Now you and your passengers will have more fun on the road! Installation instructions below.

List of radio stations:
Radio Record
Radio “Dacha”;
Radio “Vanya”;
Radio “Energy”;
Vesti FM;
Radio Chanson;
Road Radio;
Retro FM;
New Radio;
Russian Radio;

Monte Carlo;
Record Megamix;
Like FM;
Europa Plus;
Black Star Radio;
Punky Hoy;
Two banks;
Our radio;
Our 2.0;
Rock FM;
Hit FM.

Version 4.2:
Added radio “Vanya”.

How to install a new radio in the CCD:
Copy the downloaded radio.ini file along the path:
Your Drive:Documentsforward developmentcity car driving steamconfig

Authors:  Statte, Normalanton679 

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