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Subaru WRX 2018

Subaru WRX 2018 for

Subaru WRX Persian Blue car mod for BeamNG High-quality 3D model; 100% jbeam; Good deformation; PBR materials; Your wheels; There is an animation of elements; Seven configurations; Developed engine compartment; Tinting on each glass; Realistic characteristics; Mirrors reflect the game world. Game Version:

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Subaru Alcyone

Subaru Alcyone for

Subaru Alcyone Flamingo car mod for BeamNG Three configurations; High-quality model; High-quality interior; There is an animation of the steering wheel; There is an animation of the arrows of measuring instruments on the dashboard; There is a backlight of the instruments on the dashboard; Replaceable color of the body color; Functioning front and rear lights….

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Subaru Alcyone SVX (CX) 1995

Subaru Alcyone SVX (CX) 1995 for

Subaru Alcyone SVX (CX) 1995 car mod for BeamNG Three configurations; UV-map of textures; AWS; Updated legran rear suspension, converted into a multi-link; AWS custom script; Clock screens and ambient temperature; BeamNG B6 sounds; Changed the logic of the lua automatic transmission to enable 3rd gear locking (PRND321 instead of PRND21). Game Version:

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