Mercedes-Benz W907-W910 2018-2022 [0.29] Car for BeamNG

Mercedes-Benz W907-W910 2018-2022 [0.29] for
Mercedes-Benz W907-W910 2018-2022 [0.29] for BeamNG

✅0. Has two generations. W907/W910
✅1. Animations: gearbox(Automatic and mechanical), steering wheel, pedals, turn signal levers.
✅2. The doors open according to the new technology of the game.
✅3. Excellent bodywork from all sides.
✅4. Excellent damage.
✅5. All PBR textures. High quality.
✅6. Fully edited 100% Jbeam.
✅7. Own dashboard.
✅8. Realistic motors and gearbox(have real characteristics)(5 motors)
✅9. Its realistic 3 wheels.

✅10. Includes 40 configurations.
✅11. Skins: 6 pieces.
✅12. Tinting on each glass. (5% and 50%)
✅13. Rear view mirrors. 
✅14. Is equipped passenger version.
✅15. Has a fitted cargo version.
✅16. Has a fitted Maybach version.
✅17. The interior is painted in accordance with the 2nd palette.
✅18. The ability to download a variety of salon equipment.(Sofa, Boards, etc.)
✅19. PBR Headlights.
✅20. All the characteristics of a real car have been observed (weight, power, gear ratios, etc.)

Compatibility: BeamNG 0.29, 0.29 Cars, 0.29 Mercedes-Benz


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    • Windows – Documents/
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your Mods folder
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
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