Dodge Challenger [Remake] Massive Update 3.0V [0.28] Car for BeamNG

Dodge Challenger [Remake] Massive Update 3.0V [0.28] for
Dodge Challenger [Remake] Massive Update 3.0V [0.28] for BeamNG

Modification of the Dodge Challenger car mod for Bimka. Configurations have also been added (17 in total!).

All wheels are made 20 inches instead of 19;
Fixed some broken textures in the interior;
Added the SRT logo on the radiator grille;
Sound update [starter sounds, engine sounds];
New Hatch [Improvements];
In the process of working on the following improvements.

In Version 3.0:
Tinted windows;
Fixed colored running lights;
Fixed a bug due to which the turn signal did not work when braking, and the third light turned off when braking;
New ESC (eco, valet, track, street);
PBR Lights are now better than ever;
New and improved configurations (Demon 170, Scatpack, Jailbreak, Quan’s Hellcat);
Added a red interior.

Author: brodopolis

4.8 out of 5 stars - 4 votes

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    • Windows – Documents/
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  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
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