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Gran Turismo – Trial Mountain for Assetto Corsa
Gran Turismo – Trial Mountain for Assetto

Gran Turismo – Trial Mountain

Below is from the author: xXxKOKExXx

——————— 27th July 20, alpha 0.3 WIP state ————

since some guys asked me to drive this early-state version, I will open here this resource to keep updating this fantastic track.

Now it is in the alpha 0.3 stage. I added walls and in principle fully functional track: “normal” and “reverse” with 48pit, and hot lap.

Keep in mind until I finish the “lake” zone and add all the trees, it won’t be in the “beta” stage, so don’t expect a completed track yet.

I added a lot of things, but I still, need to add a lot of more XD

oh! if someone has good skills in taking photos, please upload some beauty to put in the main post. thx



This track is made by scratch, using the original old PSX mesh ( low poly – unplayable mesh) as a guide, so I can say that this track should have the exact road measurements and shape/height of the original Trial Mountain. Also, as you can check playing/viewing any GT6 version, the modern sony version still has the same shape as the original PSX version ( obviously more detailed), so mine should have the same road flow as those modern Gt5-gt6 versions.

Obviously, as I made it all by hand ( my poor hands), I can’t make an exact copy of the surrounding landscapes, cliffs, and so on… So with this version, you will have the same road flow with my own taste about everything all. Don’t expect a very similar Sony version because I can’t reach that level. I haven’t got the skills to keep the original style, but I will try to bring the community a good-looking alternative version of Trial Mountain.

I’m very slow at making things in a blender. I re-do a lot of things while I’m learning/finding new things, textures, and so on. Don’t expect me to finish this track in two weeks… or 2 months…

Author: xXxKOKExXx

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