Assetto Corsa mods

Lancia Delta S4 [Hill Climb!]

Lancia Delta S4 [Hill Climb!] for Assetto Corsa

Lancia Delta S4 Hillclimb Version – V 1.0 by Rallylegends Mod Credits And Men At Work: abbo90 + Felipe Vaiano: Physic engineer, geometry, aerodynamics, damage, tires and behavior car and more… peksis: Conversion 3D model in-game, KS Editor, all animations, shaders, light, dashboard panels, and more… IMrIMike: Sound Designer, test in-game, and more… 0understeer: Capture…

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Mountain Futatabi

Mountain Futatabi for Assetto Corsa

This project is aiming to recreate the legendary drift locations in Japan, it is a very popular drifting spot for drifters in the late ’80s and the ’90s. Although it is away from locations introduced by Initial D it remains a popular drift spot today. In Kobe, there’s a famous mountain called Mountain Rokko (六甲山),…

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Renault Sport R.S. 01

Renault Sport R.S. 01 for Assetto Corsa

The Renault Sport R.S. 01 is a racing car manufactured by Renault based on the Renault DeZir. The R.S. 01 was originally used to compete in Renault Sport Trophy, Renault’s one-make racing series, but was expanded to GT3. The R.S. 01 is the most powerful one-make racer built by Renault and is the only one…

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Bathurst By The Reboot Team

Bathurst By The Reboot Team for Assetto Corsa

Bathurst (Mount Panorama) Version 1.0 by the Reboot Team IMPORTANT – stFlow Shader is needed for this track, it’s available here – Hey Everyone – OK so here it is after teasing you guys for so long, IN ALL ITS LASER SCANNED GLORY – I personally rate this as my favorite track. So much…

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Volkswagen GOL CL

Volkswagen GOL CL for Assetto Corsa

1994~ Volkswagen Gol CL Specs: 1.9 engine / 3,5kg Turbo BHP: 667 NM: 816 Turbo adjustable on the cockpit No ABS (brake for your luck) Work on Rain CSP Wipers / Windows working well Doors/hood/boot have self-animation on CM Manager and in-game (Extra buttons) “7 8 9 +” Engine animation Encryption (None)

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Dodge RAM VAN (Dajiban)

Dodge RAM VAN (Dajiban) for Assetto Corsa

Dodge Ram Van (Dajiban) Specs: V8 BHP: 284 NM: 314 Encryption: None CSP latest version is required.!! This will include Extra Rain and Lights features + some small details

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Gran Turismo – Trial Mountain

Gran Turismo – Trial Mountain for Assetto Corsa

Gran Turismo – Trial Mountain Below is from the author: xXxKOKExXx ——————— 27th July 20, alpha 0.3 WIP state ———— since some guys asked me to drive this early-state version, I will open here this resource to keep updating this fantastic track. Now it is in the alpha 0.3 stage. I added walls and in…

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Lotus Evora GT430

Lotus Evora GT430 for Assetto Corsa

Lotus Evora GT430 2018 Release By Peter Crill 3d Help by Norms and @takum1 AO inside and out Dashboard CSP Settings Wiper animation Basic Light Refraction

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1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

1988 Pontiac Fiero GT for Assetto Corsa

1988 Ponatic Fiero GT (4 Pack) Reworked on Fiero Again, which Now handles better, And Added 3 swapped cars. Factory GT V6 Fiero, LS3, LS3 Turbo, And Electric Swapped. CSP latest version is recommended (Refracting Lights and Doors Animations. AND Exterior Transmission sound *For Electric.) Sounds: Factory: Myself (Forza) Electric: Myself (Forza) LS3: Myself (Forza)…

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