Special Stage Route 5 Track for AC

Special Stage Route 5 for Assetto Corsa
Special Stage Route 5 for AC


This is made from scratch recreation of the Special Stage Route 5 from the Gran Turismo series. He has spent quite a number of hours on this project but it still does need quite a few more hours put in to make it 100% perfect.

However, the vast majority of the work has been done and the track is ready to be raced on and tested by the community to help me figure out quicker any number of bugs or irregularities that I may have missed while I was testing.

Here’s a current list of features:
Day and Night Version
Streetlamps work at night
Provisions for 36 cars at the same time
36 pit and grid starts
Clubman and Main Layout

What is up next
Cleanup of minor things
Add lighting to certain boards around the track and overhead signs
Add a panoramic city image around the outside of the track like in Gran Turismo
Recreate some textures for higher quality
Flashing Lights at parts of the track
Audience in the grandstands

Author: CaptainLykaios

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