KRB Lotus Tiga Esprit Car for AC

KRB Lotus Tiga Esprit for Assetto Corsa
KRB Lotus Tiga Esprit for AC

The Lotus Esprit from team KRB Trading, another Gatebil regular and monster from Viking lands.
While the Audi was a true garage build, this car has a different origin. It started life as a Group-C C2 class car from Tiga, which was crashed, then bought and shipped to Sweden, where a tuner/maniac rebuild it and draped it in Lotus Esprit-like bodywork, because why not. With a peaky Nascar V8, it ran in some national championships and switched hands a few times before KRB Trading got its hands on it.

The engine is now a 4.2 liter Audi V8 with two large Comp turbos affixed, making roughly 1000 NM and 800 hp with a wide powerband (especially compared to their Audi S1). You can easily chase the 787B, 962, and C9 in this car …until the fuel runs out.

This mod is the same deal as the Audi, I tried to replicate the car as best as I could, which was made a lot easier when I established contact with the team.

It comes with seven skins, three real-life replicas of the cars at various stages (basically from both Speedhunters articles again plus how it looks during this 2018 season), and 4 additional liveries, among it a replica of the BPR GT1 Esprit (with restrictor you can drive this car among the RSS GT1 field… a lot of restrictors..)

Also Offers:
A scratch-made model with 4 LOD stages according to all final Kunos specs
Scratch-made suspension and physics
Scratch made sound by IMrIMike
“Nightmod ready”

two PSDs for the skin making

Special Thanks To:
Team KRB Trading (the man Kai Roger himself) for the nice communication via Facebook. What an enthusiastic bloke

Soundbank: IMrIMike
Shader help & rim model: Ben O’Bro
Physics/testing & consultation: FiTech Motorsport Parts
Driver position, steer & shifting animation: Stereo’s Blender Driver rig and export plugin & Gary J. Paterson
Testing: “that discord group”
Racepak font: CALCULATOR by Artsy-Antics (

All the rest made by  AccAkut of ( and (, otherwise known as Matthias Neelen in the real world. No, not the one with the animal shelter.

If you like his work you can donate.


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