1974 Dodge Monaco Car for AC

1974 Dodge Monaco for Assetto Corsa
1974 Dodge Monaco for AC


This is a 1974 Dodge Monaco, with a police upgrade package – base trim, heavy-duty suspension, and high output engine.

In the 80s the Blues Brothers drove one because it was cheap.

version 0.9 does not yet include LODs or Blues-Brothers-specific paraphernalia (‘the PA system’, copious amounts of dirt) due to wanting to get this released and a time crunch. I’m gonna be out of town for a while and can’t work on it so at least what’s there is usable.

Like the F350, this is me attempting to build mods on a shorter timeline by cutting corners. In other words, ‘perfect is the enemy of done – I know it’s not perfect, but at least it’s done. This is about 4x as much time as the F350 for higher quality but not a full-featured model.

The 3-speed automatic is the only transmission originally offered so to get right you should really turn on auto-shifting.

The mod comes with a fairly extensive Content Manager skin ini but doesn’t preview accurately on the metallic skins since CM isn’t using AC’s shader files.


  • road version with 18 exciting factory paint colors and 1 that’s not
  • police version with 4 exciting police liveries and 1 that’s not
  • driver wearing a hat

Authors: Stereo: model, textures, physics
A3DR: textures
mclarenf1papa: physics
CC: the horn

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