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VAZ 2105 V1.2 [0.28]

VAZ 2105 V1.2 [0.28] for

PBR materials; Well-designed interior; Working dashboard; Working optics; Good damage; Your Jbeam; Animated steering wheel; Has 11 configurations, as well as a large amount of tuning; The characteristics of the car correspond to the real ones. What’s New In 1.2: Changed the base of the car; Improved texture quality; Added new tuning; Added new wheels;…

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Mercedes Benz CLS 53 2019-21 V1.3 [0.28]

Mercedes Benz CLS 53 2019-21 V1.3 [0.28] for

Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 is known for its iconic design and excellent performance, focused on the future. Bloom PBR lights; Working speedometer, indicators; Many configurations; All-wheel drive version; Option with multiple grills; Lots of front and rear bumpers; AMG model and details. In Version 1.3: Added turbocharger Stage 2; Added single and double sport exhaust; Added…

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