The Batmobile Classic Car for AC

The Batmobile Classic for Assetto Corsa
The Batmobile Classic for AC


Assetto Corsa The Batmobile Classic

The below is from the author: blackcelica

It is with great pride and joy that I present the one and only Classic 60’s era BATMOBILE. It is the realization of a personal dream of mine to get this in to Assetto Corsa. It has not been an easy journey and has required a lot of work and help along the way. But it is here now for all you Bat Fan’s (probably 6 of you).

I have tried to recreate the look of the original car with a detailed interior full of gadgets, I have tried to make Batman look as good as I can get him with the AC driver model (yes it is Adam West’s actual face) It uses the no_helmet mod so be sure to copy over the cars and driver folders in to your assettocorsa/content folder. Robin however is just a static passenger for effect, I had to seek out expert help in getting that achieved. Robin does not appear in the CM_Showroom and is a separate model within the cars folder.

Now an Important bit of information to remember. This is a fun mod. It is not a racing car. You cannot drive it like a racing car. You will need to learn to drive this as it is like no other car in AC. It is an atomic battery powered multi turbine car. Think of the 4 gears as 4 stages of turbine and don’t be in a rush to change up (you’ll see why)

You can cruise tracks in no:2 easily looking for known criminals. I would suggest loading up on an oval track or something with long straights first to get the feel of it.

Be sure to map a key or button for KERS as this uses it as a quick boost when you need it, just hold it down. Make sure you switch your lights on, it looks even better..

Oh and one more thing. Make sure you respect the braking distances, this beast is 2500KG in weight. Eventually with practice you will be zipping to the crime scene at speeds rivaling an F1 car.

MOST IMPORTANT. Learn it, have fun in it and enjoy it. (Don’t forget to post a review)

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