Fend Vario 1000 By PHD Tractor for FS19

Fend Vario 1000 By PHD for Farming Simulator 2019
Fend Vario 1000 By PHD for FS19

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, first of all, let me explain something to you. To create such a mod doesn’t just go from now on, there is a lot of work in it and every modder is looking forward to many downloads. And still everyone who creates a mod for the community would be happy if he gets a little reward.

So now however to that why you are here since ? Here I put my Fend Vario 1000 at your disposal.

Configuration possibilities:
Color selection main color (Normal,Chrome,Matt)
Color selection rims (normal, chrome, matt)
Choice of colours for exhaust grilles (normal, chrome, matt)
Choice of grill colours (normal, chrome, matt)
Colour selection disc tinting (after activation)
Many types of tires and rims (Race, BBS, Bat, Style self-made)
Logo Packages (Tester Logos)
Indicator (configurable)
Standard motor versions (configurable) (with real values)
Disc tinting (configurable)
Warning stickers or lights (configurable)
Many rotating beacons + MichelinMann (configurable)

Underbody lighting (configurable)
PTO with function (configurable)
Horn sounds (configurable
IC (configurable)
Universal Passenger Installed

Further adjustments:
Daytime running light main headlights (Böserblick)
LED indicators in main headlamp
LED turn signal mirror
Fendt lettering reversing light
Air horn
IC Installed
Windows, doors, radio light, screen (with start animation), windscreen wipers, interior lighting, roof hatch, underfloor lighting on/off, warning stickers on/off all with IC control
Interior colour Changed
New Sound
Light colour changed
Light range increased

Authors: Modell: Giants, PanikersHD
Textur: Giants, PanikersHD
Script: Ifko[nator]
Idee / Konzept: PanikersHD

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