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Stoll Front Loader Tools

Stoll Front Loader Tools for Farming Simulator 19

Stoll front loader tools in an old design. Hello, I have brought the standard Stoll front loader tools back into the old Stoll design. Basically there is nothing more to tell, I wish you a lot of fun with the mod!


Stoll F30

Stoll F30 for Farming Simulator 19

Suitable for our Fendt Farmer / Favorit, IHC C-Family, CaseIH and IHC D-Family, MB-Trac`s by Bremi ✔ choice of colors ✔ Fold the supports in using the X button ✔ Dynamic Hoses ✔ Selectable hydraulic connections (yes / no / MB-Trac by Bremi)


John Deere 1630 And Tools

John Deere 1630 And Tools for Farming Simulator 19

John Deere 1630. A 2WD small tractor which suits for your small farm. Work at the fields where you don’t need many horsepower or even attach the Stoll 910 frontloader and finish all your little farm work. Included Tools: ✔ Bale fork ✔ Manure fork ✔ Pallet fork ✔ Shovel Features: ✔ Horsepower: 60HP ✔…