FS19 Stara Mods

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Stara ST MAX 105

Stara ST MAX 105 for Farming Simulator 19

Stara ST Max 105 for Farming simulator 19 A small tractor with short turn radius, ideal for the small farmer. Power: 105 Maximum Speed: 40 Price: 81000 Brand: Stara Category: tractorsS


Stara Reboke 5000

Stara Reboke 5000 for Farming Simulator 19

Stara Reboke 5000. Bucket Trailer With The Following Configurations: ✔ Capacity 2500 L ✔ Capacity 5000 L ✔ Bale or bag transportation Price: 8500 € Capacity: 5000 L


Stara Huta

Stara Huta for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome to Stara Huta! A nice map located in Kuyavian-Pomerania in Poland. On This Map You’ll Find: 3 farms Few sell points Biogas plant Quite lots of forests Sawmill 127 fields 2 new crops(rye and alfalfa) Blueberries which are in forests and can be harvested with special cart and then after unloading picked up with…


Stara ST MAX 150 And 180

Stara ST MAX 150 And 180 for Farming Simulator 19

Stara ST Max 150 and 180 tractor ✔ Price: 110000 € ✔ Options of 150 and 180 Hp ✔ Single, wide, double and narrow tire options ✔ Front loader hitch ✔ Glass color options ✔ Option with or without GPS ✔ Normal or Brazilian hitch ✔ Mudguard settings ✔ Option with or without reverse whistle…


Reboke 16000 Plus

Reboke 16000 Plus for Farming Simulator 19

Self-unloading trailer Stara Reboke 16000 Plus ✔ Price: € 30,000 ✔ Capacity: 16000 Liters ✔ Box for additional capacity (22.000-Liters). ✔ Tire settings ✔ Power required: 100 hp ✔ Features mouse animation on the stairs