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Lemken 12S 1600 Plow

Lemken 12S 1600 Plow for Farming Simulator 19

Re-fitted for plowing. Precision & speed. Workshop Tested! The unit is in good condition. Price: $88000. Max. working speed: 18kph. Required power: 500hp. Working width: 16.0m. Create New Fields Capable. For big areas. “Expand your horizons”.

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Lemken Achat Z8

Lemken Achat Z8 for Farming Simulator 19

Lemken Achat Z8 Price: 7800 $ Working Width: 3.0m HP Required: 110HP The versatile Achat pre-cultivator is the big all-rounder for many farms. Farmers using non-plough tillage value its input using interchangeable wing shares when front-mounted or with suitable flat shares when rear-mounted for deeper loosening without mixing.

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