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Kraz-257 for Farming Simulator 19

The KrAZ-257 is a 6×4 truck made by the Soviet and later Ukrainian manufacturer KrAZ. It was produced from 1965 to 1995. The vehicle is the predominantly civilian version of the much better known KrAZ-255. Since 1977, an improved version of this truck has been produced – KrAZ-257B1. KrAZ-257 is one of the most reliable…

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Kraz 255B Timber

Kraz 255B Timber for Farming Simulator 19

Mod truck KrAZ 255B Timber and two trailers, for the game Farming Simulator 2019. Everything is functioning, and the suspension is working; Choice of lighting; Engine selection; Choice of design; Wings selection; Color selection; Choice of wheels. The Set Includes Two Trailers Timber!

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Kraz-255B Timber Truck

Kraz-255B Timber Truck for Farming Simulator 19

KrAZ timber trucks are characterized by a high level of cross-country ability and the ability to operate in various conditions. With the maximum load capacity, we can talk about the economy of the vehicle. Thanks to the hood layout, KrAZ log trucks are ideal for logging operations.

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