FS19 Industrial Mods

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Rzht 4M

Rzht 4M for Farming Simulator 19

The machine for applying liquid organic fertilizers RZhT-4M is used in agriculture for applying liquid organic fertilizers for sowing crops, for transporting industrial water and other similar liquids. The RZhT-4M machine is equipped with a device for self-loading and mixing of liquid organic fertilizers, light devices that ensure traffic safety, and a pneumatic brake. –Price:…

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Steiger Turbo Tiger LL Update

Steiger Turbo Tiger LL Update for Farming Simulator 19

Steiger Series ll Turbo Tiger: Options are as follows; Paint options (Steiger Green, Steiger red, Steiger Industrial new, and Steiger industrial used) Tires are duals, floaters, and standard, blades (4m and 4.5m) and antiglare paint. “You don’t have to guess who’s best, there’s proof. The big ones come from Steiger.”

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Psku-8 for Farming Simulator 19

The eight-hull mounted plow of the PSKu-8 brand (high-speed combined universal plow) is designed for plowing for grain and industrial crops, to a depth of 16-35 cm of soil. Manufacturer: KazAgroExpert Model: PSKu-8 Price: 4920 € Working width: 4.8 m Required power: 210 hp Working speed: 12 km/h

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Manitou MRT-2150

Manitou MRT-2150 for Farming Simulator 19

The MRT 2150 is a rotating all-terrain telehandler ideally suited for construction and industrial applications. An absolute asset for handling operations, this 3-in-1 unit is simultaneously a telehandler, winch and a work platform. Its full 360° continuous rotation means you can carry out various operations without having to move the machine. Comes With A Variety…

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