FS19 Ferrari Mods

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Laferrari 2013

Laferrari 2013 for Farming Simulator 19

LaFerrari 2013 ➣ Price: 1,400,000 $ ➣ Power: 960 HP ➣ Max Speed: 350 KMH ➣ Body Color Configuration ➣ Rim Color Configuration ➣ Interior Color Configuration ➣ Front Addon Configuration ➣ Rear Addon Configuration ➲ Simple IC ➣ 2 Doors ➣ 2 Windows ➣ Front Hood ➣ Rear Hood (Needs To Open Side Doors…

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Ferrari F40 1987

Ferrari F40 1987 for Farming Simulator 19

Model Extracted From Csr2, I Finally Decided To Try Making A Mod Using The Simple IC Script Function, But It Wasn’t That Mod, I Started A Second Mod Before Completing The First One And Now It’s Done But The First One Isn’t, Modders Problem Haha. So Yeah, You Absolutely Need The Simple Ic Mod To…

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Laferrari 2014

Laferrari 2014 for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Price: 3.900000$ ✔ Speed: 120 / 320km/h ✔ Engine: 949h.p ✔ Plates: USA / NO plate ✔ Selectable Colors Exterior / Interior ✔ Select Trailer Hitch YES / NO ✔ Simple IC Open doors ✔ Add Universal Passenger

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