FS19 Eicher Mods

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Bührer RP 21

Bührer RP 21 for Farming Simulator 19

Bührer rp 21 with various configuration options The Bührer rp 21 comes towards you with two chutes. The Simple IC from modelleicher is required GitHub – modelleicher / FS19_simpleIC: New Interactive Control Script for FS19. He has the front loader console from the Baas 72n33 Klinke Baas Klinklader and equipment. The tug comes with two…

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Eicher Konigstiger II / Mammut II

Eicher Konigstiger II / Mammut II for Farming Simulator 19

It is the Eicher King Tiger II / Mammut II. Price: 18000, – Performance King Tiger II – 52HP Power MammutII – 62HP Configurations: Design without, roll bar, roll cage, Fritzmeier top fabric, Fritzmeier top side panels sheet metal Drive 2WD and 4WD 9 tire variants Front loader console Baas Klincklader, Baas hydraulics including front…

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Eicher ED 16

Eicher ED 16 for Farming Simulator 19

Hello, here I would like to introduce you to my Eicher ED 16. Configurations: hanger battery Toolbox Toolbox Diesel canister Speed: 12-13 km / h PS: 17

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Eicher 3105

Eicher 3105 for Farming Simulator 19

Eicher 3105 115 HP Top Speed: 50 km/h Cost 76.000€ Although the 3105 falls into the era of MF, it has its own character. It still has an Eicher engine and a ZF gearbox. It was also sold to France as MF 1102 with red paint and slight modifications (fenders; 25km/h version with locked 6th…

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