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Matopiba Map

Matopiba Map for Farming Simulator 19

✔ It counts with 2 sales of grains, cooperative lizard, pioneer. ✔ Sale of bales, wool, cotton. ✔ A lumber yard for sale of logs and wood chips. ✔ A BGA where you can sell your silage. ✔ Contains 4 points of capture of water identified with icons on the map. ✔ The main farm…

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Odenwälderlande for Farming Simulator 19

The map is adapted to the Odenwald, therefore not a real replica. It is for people who prefer to play with small to medium-sized tractors. 4 courtyards, 1 shop, 1 BGA, 1 carpenter (wood sales) and 3 sales points can be found on the map. This is my first “Odenwälderlande” map that I have built….

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Mykolaivshchyna V0.1

Mykolaivshchyna V0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

South region of Ukraine. Alpha-version. 59 fields. Precision planting, global company. Fruit trees. Without animal pens and BGA. You can build animal pens and BGA yourself, where you want.

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Agraz BGA V1.0.0.2

Agraz BGA V1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 19

This BGA Offers 3 Production Lines: 1. silage processing 2. manure processing 3. biomass blending and fermentation Construction costs: 1000000 € / Daily costs: 1000 Capacities: silage 5000000l / liquid manure 1000000l / diesel 100000l / biomass 1000000l / fermentation residues 10000000l Production Rate: Silage processing: Consumes 50000l silage per hour, remunerates 0,40 € per…

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Kolbenfetzer Map

Kolbenfetzer Map for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome To The Kolbenfetzer Map! Features: Seasons Ready MaizePlus Ready (CCM/FE/HE) 4 farms (2 cow farms + 1 pig farm + 1 sheep farm) 3 BGA’s (1BGA + 2small 100kw plants on the pig farm and sheep farm) 27 fields 7 meadows In singleplayer you can choose between 4 farms, but not in “start at…

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Jabłonna Map

Jabłonna Map for Farming Simulator 19

This map is based on a real village called Jabłonna, with modifications made by the authors’ imaginations. The Map Has: 189 fields (including meadows), 2x BGA (small and large), ✔ Vast forest areas, Possibility to buy and sell manure in dedicated places, Two placeable farms, 7 purchases, Additional crops: field grass, clover, alfalfa, triticale, spelled,…

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Vogelsberg Map

Vogelsberg Map for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome To The Vogelsberg Map! On this map, 32 fields await you, with sizes between 0.2 and 3 hectares. There are various sales outlets such as a BGA, a country trade and a garden center About The Map: The map was originally built for the Mod contest 2009, but has been completely rebuilt for the…

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Avon V1.4

Avon V1.4 for Farming Simulator 19

This is AVON Added Precision Farming Updated BGA location Fixed wool trigger Update:version 1.3 Fixed some floating buildings on se corner Added a hay and straw pellet sell point at hay sale area. Made bigger fields, all land is buyable moved sale points east Update:version 1.2 1. Fixed floating tree on sw side by gas…

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Riverbird Map

Riverbird Map for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome to Riverbird. This is a fictional map. The map has 34 fields of varying size, 5 farms, 2 space for placeables, a BGA and few forest areas. ✔ Season ready ✔ Custom soil map ✔ A buying station for seeds,fertilizer,lime,liquid fertilizer and herbicides and excess of these can also be sold at Plover Co-op…

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