Wgmods Essentials V10 [] for WoT

Wgmods Essentials V10 [] 2
Wgmods Essentials V10 [] for WoT

Description Release Update #4 от 24.06.2018.
· «XVM»: to version 7.6.4-release;
· «Radar»: new mode for indication only when enemy is in the line of sight.

We present to your attention a modpack by WGMods team.

Our modpack is a collection of the most popular and most essential modifications for World of Tanks. Sights, damage-panels, additional info indicators, Replay manager and lots of other mods for your choice.

Modpack itself has a convenient step-by-step installation, screenshots of modifications and playback of sound mods, as well as ModSetting functional, which allows you to tune some of your mods directly in client.

Be advised, localization may contain errors and inaccuracies, report it to us if you found one.

Launch the installer
Pick a way of installation and a game folder
Pick mods you want
Press “Next” button
Enjoy your game!

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