3D Styles [] for WoT

3D Styles [] for World of Tanks
3D Styles [] for WoT


Hi Commander, These Skins Are The Official 3D Camouflages Of WoT. If You Don’t Have It In Game, This Mod Is Perfect To You!
There Are 34 3D Styles:

Tier 6 : KV-2
Tier 8 : Udes 14/5; Lansen C; SU 130PM; T-44-100P; IS-3; Progetto 46; E75TS; KJP105; Lowe; T-27; LT 1 LPC; Renegade; BC Bourrasque; FV4202.
Tier 10 : Kranvagn; OBJ430U; LT100; OBJ140; OBJ907; OBJ261; IS-7; Progetto 65; Grille 15; JPZE100; E100; AMX 13 105; BC25t; AMX 50B; FV4005; T110E4; T57 Heavy; OBJ277; Super Conqueror.

Good Luck In Battle!


Author: lop1

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