EarthRunner V Truck for SnowRunner

EarthRunner V for SnowRunner
EarthRunner V for SnowRunner


With a real-life price tag of over $1.9 million the Earth_____ (rhymes with moaner) is a beast.

It’s over 35 feet long and could easily be considered an anti-scout for SnowRunner purposes… but who cares. IRL you don’t drive a rig like this because you have to, you drive it because you can.

Just like the real truck, the cabin flows right into the camper quarters where you’ll find a luxury interior with hotel-style living. Use photo mode to take a tour through the camper.

The cabin interior of these trucks hasn’t been updated since they came out in 2016 so I took the liberty of upgrading it to 2022 standards to keep with the lux style seen in the rest of the truck.

Some of the cool features…
Fully detailed cabin and camper interior
Onboard radar unit
Functioning infotainment screen
The truck sits on my new scratch build Performance-Rig Spec chassis
Multiple Paint Options (Metallic, Gloss, and, Eggshell)
There are 2 trailer hitch options
Spare Tire mounted traction boards
And a few other goodies

Due to the sheer size and details of this mod, I kept the addons and wheel selection to a minimum to keep ram and overall file size down.

The truck includes a set of stock-ish spec tires and the vanilla engine & transmission tunes from the stock SnowRunner F750. This is my attempt to bridge the gap for all of those people who have requested toned-down versions of my trucks.

Like most mods, this is a work in progress so there may be some changes along the way. BTW… this is my first bigger truck, so I still have some stuff to learn regarding tuning.

New Truck EarthRunner in SnowRunner With Fully Detailed Cabin And Camper Interior

Author: JohnJohnHotRod

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