Berliet T100 Truck for SNOWRUNNER

Berliet T100 for SnowRunner
Berliet T100 for SnowRunner


✔ French giant of Berliet company in a mid XX century.
✔ Only 4 trucks were produced in a bit different forms and functional. Yet, this mod be an united variant.
✔ This more than 50 tons truck can take up to 6 cargos on chassis.
✔ It long and wide and not much good in maneuver or climb, in return it very good offroad with its large wheels.
✔ You can hear the old Cummins diesel inside and upgrade it.
✔ Choice between highrange and offroad gearbox.
✔ Granted full range of tire types.
✔ Working AWD and DiffLock for better short paths crossing.
✔ Pair of snorkels in 4m height of cab makes the truck fearless against the water.
✔ Among the regular carrying addons, there are two experimental, 4 point platform and 6 point carriage *
✔ Buy in US region. Cost is around default heavy truck. Some addons locked by player rank.

✔ Full Lenght Platform Load:
I never seen before vehicles with parallel load in game. Was not possible to make it usual way, so after auto-load you will need to move cargos manually in function menu to get right look. Quite easy to load 1-point cargos, load 2-point or combine them is more complicated. Also be aware with crane load, unpacking, or to another map transfer. Just remember, cargo spawn/pack is always in a center line and you can move it to any left or right side, depending the deck start position.

Author: VladSib72

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Download mod (196 MB)
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