Step Pike SE for SnowRunner

Step Pike SE for SnowRunner
Step Pike SE for SnowRunner


Season 8: Grand Harvest-DLC Or Year 2 Pass REQUIRED!

Adds more: Engine & Gearbox choices, Frame add-ons, Colors, etc. While keeping the Step Pike close to stock when possible.

  • Changed from Offroad- to the Heavy-Duty -class.
  • AWD and Diff-Lock are now engageable.
  • Added custom gearboxes.
  • Added more powerful (stock) engines.
  • Reworked the suspension and added custom ones.
  • Slight increase in tire sizes.
  • Better tire and rim selection including custom grip versions.
  • Custom winches.
  • More add-ons including Customized Tow-addon, Flatbed, Short Log-Addon, etc…
  • More customization options: Exhausts, Rooflights, Bumpers, Snorkels, etc…
  • Added more color options.

Note: Minicrane-Flatbed-Trailer combo is enabled, but not recommended. Your mileage may vary depending on the chosen trailer…


Author: DocBugsy

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