Rusty’S Realistic Tweaks 1.00B for SNOWRUNNER

Rusty’S Realistic Tweaks 1.00B for SnowRunner
Rusty’S Realistic Tweaks 1.00B for SnowRunner

Tweaks This Mod Applies To SnowRunner Are As Follows:
Damage Durability Points were changed to more realistic values (used my knowledge as a Mechanic irl to better tune the values) making the game feel more on the Hardcore side;
Engine is currently at 30 (as the engine is mostly well protected by bullbars/bushbars/heavy-duty crash bars)
Fuel Tank is at 10 (mainly because they’re mostly made of thin metal that could be easily bent/punctured by most Truck’s bullbars/bumpers)
Gearbox/Transmission is at 20 (can take a few hits but nothing too big
Suspension is at 50 for more Heavy-Duty setups and 25 for Highway/Stock/Lighter ones (as most in the game are heavy-duty leaf spring suspension setups and thus are pretty durable)
Wheels have mixed durability (“scout” wheels have 10, standard truck wheels have 20, and heavy-duty wheels have 30)

Exhaust Smoke was tweaked to stay in the air longer, like real diesel smoke does (smoke volume was not tweaked, only the time it takes for it to dissipate into the air);

Manual Installation
Simply drop the initial.pak provided and switch it with your own (by making a backup of the default one in the SnowRunner directory like in the image below; SnowRunner > en_us > preload > paks > client)

At this time i have no plans of updating anything further, but if there’s enough feedback i might change some stuff.

Authors: Rusty®Renesis



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