R-Physics for SNOWRUNNER

R-Physics for SnowRunner
R-Physics for SnowRunner

What Is it?
This is a Redux of my previous mod “Ultra Particle Mod”
Ultra Particle mod will be discontinued and R-Physics will take its place.
Due to several problems with the previous mod, it was best to redo the mod.

40% Increased lifetime on particles. (40 sec)
*19% increased lifetime on exhaust smoke. (19 sec)
3% denser exhaust smoke. (thicker)
Leaves from bushes are now “boxed physics-based”. (they can now collide with ground and wheels)
Increased visibility of snow particles. (denser snowy weather)
Increased the lifetime of how long the vehicle stay dirty. (mud splashes)

Tweaks To Meet The Limit:
Lifetime values have been decreased to meet the memory that the game’s engine currently supports, this furthers stability and a bug-free experience.

Exhaust no longer disappears after 10 minutes due to memory limit, and particles now last a reasonable 40 seconds. instead of previous 400 seconds! (what was I thinking?!)

How do I install it? (MANUAL INSTALL ONLY!)
1: Download the ZIP file.
2: Go to the game’s install folder: “C:/User/EpicGames/SnowRunner/en/_us/preload/paks/client”
3: Make A Backup Of “initial.pak”!
4: Replace the “initial.pak” with the one you downloaded.
5: Play.

Q & A:
Q: I experienced a bug, what do I do?
A: Write it in the comment section and i will take notice.

Q: I Need Help Installing!
A: Read the tutorial. I will not bring further support. Surely you can replace a file?

Q: Does this kill performance?
A: No. There should be no performance drop.

Author: VAXIS



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