BUY Everything V1.3 for SNOWRUNNER

BUY Everything V1.3 for SnowRunner
BUY Everything V1.3 for SnowRunner


This is an alternative mod to remove any rank or region lock.

This doesn’t make everything free though, it keeps all the original costs, but you can now buy any truck and any add-on without the need to reach any rank or to be in a specific region.

As This Mod Edits The Same File As My “No Recovery” Mod, It Includes 2 Folders :
This mod alone
This mod combined with No Recovery

Versions :
1.3 : updated for 2020-05-20 game update (4.1)
1.2 : updated for 2020-05-13 game update.

Notes :
Subscribe button : This mod is not a vehicle so you can’t use the subscribe button. Click on mod size above this description instead to download it.
Installation : A short and simple installation guide is provided inside the archive of this mod.
Coop mode : This mod seems to prevent some users to enter coop mode. to be confirmed.
Realism Overhaul : To use both mods together, FIRST install Realism Overhaul and SECOND install Buy Everything.
Other Compatibility : This mod changes the initial.cache_block inside initial.pak file. Any mod modifying this whole .pak or just this individual sub file could conflict with this mod.
Game updates : As each game update rewrites the initial.pak file. You will need to reinstall this mod (once it will be updated too) after each game update.

Authors: Lo2k

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