The Canadian Shield Map V2.2 for SNOWRUNNER

The Canadian Shield Map V2.2 for SnowRunner
The Canadian Shield Map V2.2 for SnowRunner


The Canadian Shield is one of the world’s largest continental shields, with an area of ​​about 8 million square kilometers, mainly on the territory of Canada (eastern, central and northwestern). It consists of plates bounded by faults, with which the location of minerals is associated: iron, gold, copper, nickel, cobalt, uranium, lead, zinc ores, etc.

This region consists of 4 maps: Highrock County, Muskoka Highlands, an updated long road (now Northumberland County) and an all-new map, Glen Huffy Rise, all of the map titles are real-life and located in Ontario.

Attention! To start the region, you need to install this map and 2 more maps: Muskoka Highlands and Highrock County.

In The Region:
✔ 2 cars at the start;
✔ a lot of cars and trailers in orders and contracts;
✔ 22 observation towers;
✔ 21 contracts;
✔ 63 orders;
✔ 1 competition.

The Northumberland map also has 20 vehicle upgrades.

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