Jeep “Trail Pack” Car for SnowRunner

Jeep “Trail Pack” for SnowRunner
Jeep “Trail Pack” for SnowRunner


Pretty simple tweak on both Jeeps. Both were pretty good power wise just needed some help in the tire area and thanks to Pog we got the best. I created a custom Stinger bumper to use on both as well as gave both truck some extra repair points in the back seat.

CJ7 Raider
Reduced overall speed through gearing
Crawler suspension added
High suspension tuned for more flex and better handling
COG lowered

Wrangler Blackhawk
Suspensions tuned
various new add ons
lowered COG slightly

Engine sounds changed

Changes To Both
Custom tires from Poghrim
Custom Stinger Bumper
various new addons
200+ paints
lowered COG
decreased steering speed slightly
increased length
all parts unlocked
country lock removed
back seat repair and fuel

Author: MrBusses

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Download mod (43 MB)
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