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The Stickman

The Stickman for Sims 4

If you are bored with regular Sims you can try stickmen. They do everything that other sims can: cook, sleep, and experience real stickmen fight! Available in 7 different colors (blue, brown, green, magenta, red, yellow, and white), for males and females. You can equip the head with skin details, the rest of the body…

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Void Critters Hunt For ALL Sims

Void Critters Hunt For ALL Sims for The Sims 4

Hi! If You Like To Hunt VoidCritters With Your Sims At The Kids Festival, Here’s A Little Mod That Unlocks Hunting Interactions For All Ages! Adult Sims Will Also Be Able To Claim The Prize. There’s Just A Little Weird Thing With The Animation When You Get The Reward Because It’s Been Done For Kids….

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